Been Awhile

I still check the site, not as often admittedly but I do drop by to see if there are any new stories. I’ve taken a dog break and now I’m the mom to two great kitties. I’ll have Boxers again some day when I have a new yard for them to play in. I hope everyone is well and your pets are thriving.


Lost my girl

I lost my girl a couple of weeks ago and needless to say it’s been hard.  She’s my third Boxer I’ve lost and I miss her so very much, it’s still pretty raw.  I got a year more than they said I would with her so, for that, I’m forever grateful.

I’m going to take a break from being a dog owner for a while, my heart needs a little break.  I’m going to continue to keep the site up and monitor as much as possible since there seem to be so many people who still benefit from the information, both a blessing and a curse.   I keep all of the dogs I read about here in my heart and hope for a day when there are better diagnosis and treatment options available.



It’s been so long.

It’s been some time since I’ve posted here but in that time I’ve heard from so many people fighting this disease, some full of promise and some letting their beloved pets go. It’s terrible to lose these sweet babies, especially when they’ve fought so hard and we’ve been there beside them.

I hate this disease and what it does, I only hope this blog continues to help those seeking information or just a kind word when they need it.

I’ve gone through my own struggles lately with my remaining Boxer, Pixie. She had a splenectomy back in April due to a hemangiosarcoma in her spleen.  They gave her 3-6 months to live without chemo and that’s the route we chose considering she was already 11 years old, we figured we’d have the surgery and let fate carry her where it would.  She’s laying on the floor beside me as I type this. I’m grateful for whatever remaining time I get.   I always joke about my million dollar dogs but the truth is I wouldn’t have it any other way, the universe gave them to me for a reason and that reason is I love them unconditionally and through all things.

I just wanted to post and say, I’m still here, I’m still listening to all of your stories and often I think of your dogs and their stories that you’ve shared.  They all have a little space on my heart.   One day I hope I can do more to help, have the time to start a foundation for research perhaps or at a minimum push for more awareness and earlier diagnosis.

Keep loving your pups!




Almost a year

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I lost my guy. I still miss him nearly everyday.  

Funny how sometimes you forget things and I’ll think I see him looking out the window or hear his bark. Some days when I first wake up I still reach to pet him. 

That kid left an indent in my heart. One that can’t ever be filled.  

Every time I get a new email from someone I hope his story is still helping people.  That’s my one wish. 

Posting a pic of his sister today.  This is my Pixie, grey as can be but puppy at heart. 🙂

My Heavy Heart

Monday I said goodbye to my best friend.

Otis had been struggling lately with some pain we had attributed to arthritis, but after his decline this weekend we assume he was actually dealing with some type of tumor, possibly in the spinal cord.  He was pretty lethargic and unlike himself starting Saturday morning.  By Monday morning he could barely walk and was in so much pain he wouldn’t even lay next to me or dish out any kisses.

We fought hard and long to get him back from Pemphigus and I’m grateful for the additional years we had.  This all happened so quick that I’m still trying to accept the fact that he’s no longer here.  His pain is gone and I’m grateful for that, but I would give so much to have a few more days, weeks…or really years.

I lost my sous chef, my sleeping partner, my bathroom stalker, my greeter, my shadow and a big part of my joy.  To say my heart is broken is an understatemet. My heart is shattered.

I hope this blog continues to help others and that Otis will always be an inspiration to those fighting against Pemphigus.  I will forever miss this guy.


I haven’t posted much lately but I’ve been seeing a lot of traffic from people looking for advice.  Which saddens me but I’m happy there is somewhere people have to go look for others in the same situation.

Otis is doing well but we’ve been fighting neck arthritis the last few months.  This poor guy never seems to catch a break, but we are finding good meds and have an amazing vet which keeps me positive.

I looked through the old pictures on the blog and wow… they still bring me to tears and break my heart.  For anyone in the middle of their fight or at the beginning, keep going, I never thought we’d get where we are.

I hope to update more often and post some pics of Otis now, I’ve got a kiddo graduating this year so it’s been a madhouse for us.

My thoughts are with everyone who has a pup fighting right now, I hope you get helpful info here and always feel free to reach out!!

I haven’t posted in awhile and should be better about that. It’s easy to get comfortable in life and where you are I guess. 

Otis is doing really well with his Pemphigus, we really have no active lesions and are just on maintenance at the time. Still doing 1/2 Triamcinolone every other day and alternating days are 1 1/2 Azathioprine.   We have noticed some issues lately with stiffness and he teeth are getting worse.  I imagine some of this is side affects of medicine and some is just the fact that my boy is getting old.  He will be 10 in September and for a Boxer that is getting up there. 

So Otis is good, we are trying to stay out of the summer heat as much as possible – he really hates the heat.

I’ve received a lot of emails lately which is both a blessing and a heartbreak. Blessing because I hope I can provide some information and insight.  Heartbreak because it means another dog has this horrible disease and these dogs find ways into my heart even though I’ve never met them. I desperately wish they will all find a way through it.

The universe works in mysterious ways and I was I writing this I found out one of the dogs in my heart passed this morning.  My new found friend Sidney lost his fight with Pemphigus.  He fought long and hard along side a family who tried everything for him.  They were amazing parents for him, every dog should be so lucky.

I hope Sidney meets my Ella at the Rainbow Bridge. I’m sure they will be fast friends.  Amy, I hope you find comfort in knowing you did everything you could and although the pain right now is so great – he knows you did everything too.


I haven’t updated in so long because things are going so well for Otis.  We still have the occasion lesion but meds are still low and he’s happy and content – except for the temperature downturn here lately…he hates being cold.

We are down to 1/2 of a Triamcinolone pill every other day and still on the Azathioprine 1 1/2 pills alternating days.  Vet visits are now every 6 months instead of every 2 weeks or less.
Life for Otis and us good, we are still pretty cautious with him as we never know what stress can trigger so we keep his life pretty low key and oh how he misses sunbathing!!  We do give him a few minutes of sun soak every so often.  He misses his old food and people scraps but I think he’s okay without them.
We wish everyone happy holidays and if you are fighting Pemphigus right now we wish you strength, patience and lots of love.  Feel free to hit us up if you want to chat!!

Still loves to carry around his buddies!

“Helping” me out in the office.

We had what was essentially our 1 year post dooms day appointment.

Otis is doing really well, he’s grown back so much hair that he actually looks furry! We only have  few active Pemphigus lesions at this time but we deal with those, they aren’t as active as they are annoying.

We are backing off to 3/4 of a Triamcinolone pill every other day and still on the Azathioprine 1 1/2 pills. He did have a foot infection today but our regular vet says they are seeing a lot of foot problems right now with dry grass and foot irritation. Can’t say I even like walking in the grass with no shoes right now.

We also have follow up with eye doc this week and got some cruddy news.  It appears Otis’s retina is thinning in his good, well only, eye and so we might be encountering blindness sooner or later.  Hopefuly later. But we will soldier on and find a way to make it work, we always do.
Life is so different from last year.  I barely slept, I never left this house with the exception of work and I felt sick, discouraged, sad and afraid all the time for what might happen to Otis.
We are in a good place right now.  Everyone is happy and healthy, I’ll take it.

Next visit in 6 months unless we have any issues.  I never thought we’d get here but we did.  Such a long fight, and so worth it.
Special wishes for my new friend Henry and his family going through the Pemphigus fight right now.  I hope he’s doing better!


my buddy, sleeping the day away. 🙂

Otis is continuing to grow hair now that meds have been reduced. We have been put on 1 Triamcinolone every other day and 1.5 Azathioprine on the alternating day.

He’s stronger every day and liver enzymes continue to drop as we reduce meds, blood work looking good.

Thankfully not much to write about.