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Update – March 2014

I haven’t posted much lately but I’ve been seeing a lot of traffic from people looking for advice.  Which saddens me but I’m happy there is somewhere people have to go look for others in the same situation.

Otis is doing well but we’ve been fighting neck arthritis the last few months.  This poor guy never seems to catch a break, but we are finding good meds and have an amazing vet which keeps me positive.

I looked through the old pictures on the blog and wow… they still bring me to tears and break my heart.  For anyone in the middle of their fight or at the beginning, keep going, I never thought we’d get where we are.

I hope to update more often and post some pics of Otis now, I’ve got a kiddo graduating this year so it’s been a madhouse for us.

My thoughts are with everyone who has a pup fighting right now, I hope you get helpful info here and always feel free to reach out!!


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