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I haven’t posted in awhile and should be better about that. It’s easy to get comfortable in life and where you are I guess. 

Otis is doing really well with his Pemphigus, we really have no active lesions and are just on maintenance at the time. Still doing 1/2 Triamcinolone every other day and alternating days are 1 1/2 Azathioprine.   We have noticed some issues lately with stiffness and he teeth are getting worse.  I imagine some of this is side affects of medicine and some is just the fact that my boy is getting old.  He will be 10 in September and for a Boxer that is getting up there. 

So Otis is good, we are trying to stay out of the summer heat as much as possible – he really hates the heat.

I’ve received a lot of emails lately which is both a blessing and a heartbreak. Blessing because I hope I can provide some information and insight.  Heartbreak because it means another dog has this horrible disease and these dogs find ways into my heart even though I’ve never met them. I desperately wish they will all find a way through it.

The universe works in mysterious ways and I was I writing this I found out one of the dogs in my heart passed this morning.  My new found friend Sidney lost his fight with Pemphigus.  He fought long and hard along side a family who tried everything for him.  They were amazing parents for him, every dog should be so lucky.

I hope Sidney meets my Ella at the Rainbow Bridge. I’m sure they will be fast friends.  Amy, I hope you find comfort in knowing you did everything you could and although the pain right now is so great – he knows you did everything too.



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