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Monday I said goodbye to my best friend.

Otis had been struggling lately with some pain we had attributed to arthritis, but after his decline this weekend we assume he was actually dealing with some type of tumor, possibly in the spinal cord.  He was pretty lethargic and unlike himself starting Saturday morning.  By Monday morning he could barely walk and was in so much pain he wouldn’t even lay next to me or dish out any kisses.

We fought hard and long to get him back from Pemphigus and I’m grateful for the additional years we had.  This all happened so quick that I’m still trying to accept the fact that he’s no longer here.  His pain is gone and I’m grateful for that, but I would give so much to have a few more days, weeks…or really years.

I lost my sous chef, my sleeping partner, my bathroom stalker, my greeter, my shadow and a big part of my joy.  To say my heart is broken is an understatemet. My heart is shattered.

I hope this blog continues to help others and that Otis will always be an inspiration to those fighting against Pemphigus.  I will forever miss this guy.



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