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I haven’t updated in so long because things are going so well for Otis.  We still have the occasion lesion but meds are still low and he’s happy and content – except for the temperature downturn here lately…he hates being cold.

We are down to 1/2 of a Triamcinolone pill every other day and still on the Azathioprine 1 1/2 pills alternating days.  Vet visits are now every 6 months instead of every 2 weeks or less.
Life for Otis and us good, we are still pretty cautious with him as we never know what stress can trigger so we keep his life pretty low key and oh how he misses sunbathing!!  We do give him a few minutes of sun soak every so often.  He misses his old food and people scraps but I think he’s okay without them.
We wish everyone happy holidays and if you are fighting Pemphigus right now we wish you strength, patience and lots of love.  Feel free to hit us up if you want to chat!!

Still loves to carry around his buddies!

“Helping” me out in the office.


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