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It’s been so long.

It’s been some time since I’ve posted here but in that time I’ve heard from so many people fighting this disease, some full of promise and some letting their beloved pets go. It’s terrible to lose these sweet babies, especially when they’ve fought so hard and we’ve been there beside them.

I hate this disease and what it does, I only hope this blog continues to help those seeking information or just a kind word when they need it.

I’ve gone through my own struggles lately with my remaining Boxer, Pixie. She had a splenectomy back in April due to a hemangiosarcoma in her spleen.  They gave her 3-6 months to live without chemo and that’s the route we chose considering she was already 11 years old, we figured we’d have the surgery and let fate carry her where it would.  She’s laying on the floor beside me as I type this. I’m grateful for whatever remaining time I get.   I always joke about my million dollar dogs but the truth is I wouldn’t have it any other way, the universe gave them to me for a reason and that reason is I love them unconditionally and through all things.

I just wanted to post and say, I’m still here, I’m still listening to all of your stories and often I think of your dogs and their stories that you’ve shared.  They all have a little space on my heart.   One day I hope I can do more to help, have the time to start a foundation for research perhaps or at a minimum push for more awareness and earlier diagnosis.

Keep loving your pups!





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