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We had what was essentially our 1 year post dooms day appointment.

Otis is doing really well, he’s grown back so much hair that he actually looks furry! We only have  few active Pemphigus lesions at this time but we deal with those, they aren’t as active as they are annoying.

We are backing off to 3/4 of a Triamcinolone pill every other day and still on the Azathioprine 1 1/2 pills. He did have a foot infection today but our regular vet says they are seeing a lot of foot problems right now with dry grass and foot irritation. Can’t say I even like walking in the grass with no shoes right now.

We also have follow up with eye doc this week and got some cruddy news.  It appears Otis’s retina is thinning in his good, well only, eye and so we might be encountering blindness sooner or later.  Hopefuly later. But we will soldier on and find a way to make it work, we always do.
Life is so different from last year.  I barely slept, I never left this house with the exception of work and I felt sick, discouraged, sad and afraid all the time for what might happen to Otis.
We are in a good place right now.  Everyone is happy and healthy, I’ll take it.

Next visit in 6 months unless we have any issues.  I never thought we’d get here but we did.  Such a long fight, and so worth it.
Special wishes for my new friend Henry and his family going through the Pemphigus fight right now.  I hope he’s doing better!


my buddy, sleeping the day away. 🙂


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Otis is continuing to grow hair now that meds have been reduced. We have been put on 1 Triamcinolone every other day and 1.5 Azathioprine on the alternating day.

He’s stronger every day and liver enzymes continue to drop as we reduce meds, blood work looking good.

Thankfully not much to write about.


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